The Erich von Werner Society assumes that the world is entering a new era.
 These changes are because of or are accelerated by 5 factors, which in combination and interaction with each other will trigger a new era:
 1.         Dealing with technological progress (e.g. digitization, biotechnology, human optimization)
 2.         Rise of new competitors in world markets (e.g. Asian countries)
 3.         Weakness of the Western world (e.g. instability, diminishing confidence in existing orders, loss of competitiveness, the political rise of China)
 4.         Change of the environment (e.g. due to climate change, resource exploitation, environmental degradation)
 5.         Overpopulation and missing life perspectives (e.g. due to the demographic development on the African continent)
 These five factors are summarized by the Erich von Werner Society under the term "Change of Times".
This Change of Times, if not adequately countered, will completely change the global power relations, and seems to be for many people as a primary threat.
It can be both a risk and an opportunity.

This Change of Times already has an extreme impact on the political, social and economic reality and its impact will get stronger. 
 For the western society, which represents a special field of research of the Erich von Werner Society, a complete transformation is to be expected.
 Little has remained of the classic realities of life and the age of individual collectivism of the past decades.
 In fact, society is shattered into many milieus and is slowly but surely drifting into an inevitable struggle of milieus in which individual realities of life stand against each other without any deeper understanding of each other. 
 How long and how intense this struggle of milieus will be not certain. What is certain is that society will enter the age of collective individualism in parallel.  
 This uncertain course makes it necessary to find solutions to use the dynamic power of Change of Times for the benefit of humanity. 
 The aforementioned changes are already noticeable, because current political, social and economic developments, which are often perceived as divisive, corrosive and shocking, are ultimately the direct consequences of the Change of Times and will only intensify further.
 They are the consequences of a global, interrelated phenomenon for which the explanatory patterns used so far are simply too simple and completely unfit. 
 It is time to reject these obsolete interpretations and face the reality of change, because it is now the time to act before it is too late.
 The storm won't wait, it is coming.