The Change of Times works. For this reason, solutions are needed to use this tremendous power and its impact and existing dynamic to create a better world for all people.
 The former explanatory patterns are useless and obsolete.

Understand and Change

 Join us and help us in our fight for a better world!

In order to bring this ideal into reality, the Erich-von-Werner-Gesellschaft develops solutions and publishes them.
We are still at the beginning, but we can already present first results:
These include, among others, the model of an  Alternate Hegemony (AH Model).
Their complexity would not fit this brief information page.  Therefore, the AH Model is only roughly outlined below and we refer to the publications.

The Alternative Hegemony Model (AH Model)
The "invisible hand" of nurture for the better

What is the fundamental idea behind ​​the Alternative Hegemony Model (AH Model)?

The AH Model is an evolution of the current international political and economic system. It further develops the system, maintains existing structures and redirects negative dynamics.
The AH Model nurtures states and companies towards beneficial behaviour. This behaviour is rewarded and negative deviations are penalised. These incentives make positive behaviour both profitable and sustainable.

In doing so, the AH Model makes use of the same forces that are dominant in a capitalist system. However, it leads them in a new direction: the invisible hand of the market becomes the invisible hand of nurture.

This is achieved by bundling technological research and development work in newly established technology centres. These technology centres accumulate scientific competence, develop and test sustainable technologies for concrete use in member countries. Production and distribution are provided by co-operating companies, which continue to operate according to a market economy.

The AH Model is implemented and financed using an AH Fund. The AH Fund becomes the owner and market participant. It assumes the role of a sustainable super-company, which is managed by a management board in the same way as a joint-stock company is run. The AH Fund's Board of Directors is controlled by a body ("Supervisory Board") which is composed of representatives from the individual countries and which is obliged to render accountability to the national democratic authorities and at the donor conference. The developed technologies are only made available in the markets of those countries that demonstrate positive and sustainable behaviour ("minimum criteria"). Compliance with the criteria is also a prerequisite for participation in the AH Fund.

The aforementioned criteria (e.g. human rights, press freedom, social standards, etc.) are monitored continuously.
States that refuse to meet the criteria are excluded from technological progress, but are indirectly encouraged by the invisible hand of nurture to voluntarily adjust to the new system.
By preserving nation-states, retail management systems and cultural peculiarities it is to be expected that the populace will generally accept the change, and in turn it is rewarded for its positive and peaceful behaviour.
The financing is based on a percentage transfer of the gross social product. Further income is generated through licensing.
For a fee, the AH Fund awards usage and production licenses to companies that co-operate and comply with the criteria. The companies supply specified markets and are regulated for these products. In this way, sustainable technologies and progress are circulated using well-known distribution channels.

By means of the pure market power of the AH Fund, as well as the exclusivity it offers, existing companies will be encouraged to co-operate. This market power will also be used to procure resources (knowledge transfer, personnel, etc.).
The same applies to states and businesses: they will continue to be selfish and want to achieve maximum benefit for themselves. Nevertheless, positive behaviour is expected, i.e. cooperation and fulfilment of the criteria, profit maximisation and maximum benefits. For this reason, states and companies will largely adapt themselves voluntarily. The market forces are thus steered in a positive direction. The invisible hand of nurture has an effect and it is this which is the central element of the AH Model.

By using this beneficial behaviour and progress, the key problems of the planet can be solved or, at the very least, contained. In the long term, dictatorships and autocracies will become obsolete. A new world community will emerge taking cultural peculiarities into consideration while also looking to the future. An alternative hegemony that nurtures for the better.

What might the timetable for the AH Model look like?

Phase 0 (2019-2023)
-  Dissemination of the AH Model idea Attempt starting up a grassroots movement
-  Convince prominent advocates Lobby governments and businesses
-  Establish the minimum criteria for states and enterprises Clarify the legal, economic and political dimension of the model
-  Sustain a propaganda offensive

Phase 1 (2023-2025)
-  First donor conferences
-  Participating countries must meet the minimum criteria
-  Autocracies and dictatorships are excluded
-  A step model should be possible for intermediate states
-  Financing and control mechanisms as well as research and development goals should be defined
-  Initial acquisition of personnel and knowledge
-  First discussions with companies
-  Conditions for the AH Fund

Phase 2 (2025-2030)
-  AH Funds will set up the first technology centre
-  Market power is used to initiate knowledge and personnel transfer
-  Co-operation agreement with companies that meet or pursue the sustainability criteria (production conditions, environmental protection, etc.)
-  Commencement of research and development work

Phase 3 (from 2030)
-   The AH Fund becomes a capital-wielding market participant
-  Research and production licensing to co-operating companies
-   License only for beneficial states
-   Monitoring licenses; possibly revoking them
-  Stopping the technological transfer in case the minimum criteria are violated
-  The nurture mechanism works ("the invisible hand of nurture")

Phase 4 (from 2033)
-  New technologies cause a boom in the participating countries
-   "Capitalist excesses" phase out
-  The market economy remains the same
-  The restrictions are only related to the licenses, but they impose beneficial entrepreneurial behaviour
-  These states would become beacons of light and places of longing for the technologically underdeveloped entities
-   The population of the "non-fulfillers" would perceive their backwardness
-  Pressure is put on "non-fulfilling governments"
-  Nation-states would therefore be trained into taking values ​​and sustainability into account
-  The invisible hand of nurture can cultivate a all-encompassing effect

Phase 5 (from 2063)
-  Autocracies and dictatorships no longer exist
-  Nation-states and cultural integrity are not questioned, but are driven in a positive direction by the incentive system.
-- Thus, a high potential for identification is given Internationalism and patriotism are reconciled -  Research and development are no longer restricted by the idea of ​​profit maximisation
-- The AH Model will have solved major problems (e.g. climate issues, environmental protection, problems of democracy, and wars) and can now tackle further issues (e.g. overpopulation or global hunger)

-  2% of member states' GDP
-  Alternative participation by the population, such as using the old-age pension system
-  Alternative participation of sustainable enterprises is conceivable
-  Income from licensing
-  Revenue from purchased companies (e.g. through shares)

Abuse of power is controlled and prevented
The AH Fund is managed as a company and administered by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is accountable to the Supervisory Board, whose members are appointed by the donor countries. The Supervisory Board is accountable to the donor conference, the public and the national parliaments. Additionally, separate transparency requirements would also exist. An independent body would also be set up within the fund to monitor the minimum criteria for states and companies. The Board of Directors has no authority to issue directives to this body.

Realistic, since considerably profound co-operation has already been implemented in practical politics (e.g. the European Union, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund) and considering that this suggestion is not a revolution, but rather an evolution for the benefit of the population - nurture for the better -

It is possible to conclude that:
The Alternative Hegemony Model is more than just a model of governance. This on its own would fail because of existing structures. Instead, it is all-inclusive and an idea. It introduces a new age. It preserves while also developing things further. Ultimately, the AH Model is the best invisible hand: alternative hegemony through technology and nurture for the better.